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Awards & Acheivements

Awards Earned:
  •  Received 3rd position in Customer satisfaction index 2013.
  • ​ Received the best service advisor award pan India in the AH 100 dealership format.
  • Recieved Best spare parts award in AH 100 format- 2014 Mr Jitendra Halankar.
  • Recieved best service advisor award in AH-100 format 2014 -Lenin Colaco.
  • Recieved highest CSI score in West zone for aftersales in H1-2015 .
  • NGC Championship Portugal calling: Out of 20 sales consultants in India ,Mr Sujay Tanksali achieved 11th Position.
  • July Josh Winners" Highest finance products sold in top8 in India". : Manish Sharma & Mark Misquita.
  • August Premier League winners," Highest Finance product sold in India". : Manish Sharma & Tejas Naik.
  • Best CSI in aftersales award 2015, recieved at the investores meet in Delhi on Feb 5th 2016.
  • Highest employee retention award recieved Pan India -2015.
  • Best HR Manager in Smaller markets 2015 - Ms. Anisha Mhadeshri.
  • CRM Award -For lead management in stipulated time- 2015 - Ms. Soumi Chakrabarty.
  • Outstanding contribution towards Marketing in 2015. - Mr Vineet Deshpande.
  • NGC Championship Croatia calling: Out of 16 sales consultants in India ,Mr Rajiv Roy  achieved 6th Position.
  • Best CSI Aftersales- 2015.
  • Best Service Excellence -2015.
  • Best Parts Excellence 2015 - Mr Jitendra Halankar.
  • Best Aftersales HOD-Mr Mangesh Tendulkar.
  • No.1 in CSI ,SFU & NPS in Aftersales in the small size dealer category for June & Q3 2016 - Mr Mangesh Tendulkar & Team.